The DARISTOTELES production company has designed, produced and developed the Transplantando Sonrisas project, with the participation of about 20 hospitals, various Institutions and Scientific Societies, with the sponsorship of the pharmaceutical company Chiesi and the collaboration of DTI (Donation & Transplantation Institute).

Transplantando Sonrisas is a project to recognize the medical and professional centers that make Spain the world’s leading reference in solid organ transplantation. Through something as simple and beautiful as sharing a smile, the project aims to increase social awareness about the importance of organ donation.

The project includes a documentary made up of thousands of stories. Stories that involve emotions, that have moved us. Stories of recognition and gratitude to donors, doctors, healthcare professionals, hospitals, researchers, patients, relatives of patients and donors …

Stories, in short, that allow Spain to be today the first benchmark in solid organ transplants throughout the world.