About us

We create ideas, we create stories, and we create feelings.

We are a creative audiovisual content producer with a very clear objective: to turn ideas into high-impact realities. We accompany you from the point you indicate, either from the gestation of a first idea, to the production of your project. We operate throughout Spain with teams in Madrid and Barcelona.

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Are you looking for a creative production company that adds value to your TV shows? Do you need a more professional touch to carry out your ideas? Someone who brings value and experience to your interviews? Are you looking for someone who speaks the same language as you? Look no further, at Daristoteles we generate ideas and proposals, adapting to the needs and pre-set objectives, producing and carrying out the entire process in its entirety.


Do you need to give your production a creative shape? Do you want to give your shootings a much more professional spin? Do you need a creative production company that gives you value? Here we are, in a more corporate environment, we work with large multinational brands, customizing the format and language to the client’s needs: from Storytelling and Brand Story, to more conventional media such as advertising spots, always looking for the differential creative element, which catch the receiver.


Are you preparing your e-learning platform and need good digital content? Do you need to start recording your classes and divide them into modules? Are you looking for someone who can record you with high quality video and audio for your masterclasses? The trend to digitize content in the field of training has multiplied in recent times. The audiovisual reinforcement model has acquired enormous relevance, increased by the virtual format. Daristoteles has a team specialized in these formats, covering all the needs that may arise.


Do you need to come to shoot in Spain? Do you want to have a good location for your production? Do you need a good film crew? Do you need a good outdoor location for your ad? Do not look any further. For those international or national productions that require a full or partial service, Daristoteles takes care of providing customized equipment, with personalized proposals, to obtain the best results, optimizing costs.


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Our main clients are from the European countries, but we are happy to work with clients from all over the world.